Dedicated to values and aesthetics of Japanese culture, particularly with the rise of naturally influenced art like Origami (paper folding technique), PHKA developed a method which could be exquisitely applied as a raindrop all over the project.

Incessantly crafting paper petals, fresh flowers, crystal, and brass, thousands pieces of them were hung along curved steel as a part of the raindrop installation. Visitors are greeted by walking through the alley space, enjoying movement of wavering petals. Next to the welcome space stand a semicircle backdrop, with the raindrop lines aligned in various layers and levels.

Stage is dominantly embellished with oversized artificial poppy, roses and lily Origami, which look naturally-grown, together with Sakura, pink Chrysanthemum and white Hydrangea. Looking through the middle of the gigantic room, a ‘circular void’, inspired by Marumado or Yoshinomado (Japanese round windows overlooking the garden), stood out being the subtle design element, breaking the monotony of the space.


Location: Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall, Bangkok

Supervisor: Pradubwong Hongvisedchai

Photographer: Thanat Laoharawee