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Playground - a place where a particular group of people enjoy themselves

Unexpected playful and joyful experience is an only aim for the event, in which we firstly proposed a concept of coloured and layered sand. The easy DIY craft later developed into a framework that only ‘the enjoyable assemblage composing of tiny colourful elements’ remain. Several references are inspired such as Yayoi Kusama’s ‘The Obliteration Room’, Christo and Jeanne Claude’s The Wall,  and Daniel Buren’s Excentrique, and Sophie Smallhorn’s Fourth Floor Mobile.

An enclosed walkway, encouraging participatory happenings, is hanged with series of trays in different elevations. Filling inside with colourful petals, guests are flanked and enjoyed by these brass discs while waiting on the line to the photo backdrop or just passing through the walkway.

Designed to contain streaming petals, a specifically-created photo backdrop is subtracted in circle negative void. Aerated mechanism and coded program were engineered to work together in order in keep petals flowing in rhythm and loop. Music is also played in the background to nourish the manifold perceptions people would get. By dancing and greeting at the same time, we hope to create an alternative dialogue between the host (our client) and their guests.  

Over 5,000 colourful discs, calculated and proportionated in different defined colours, are freely suspended from an overhead structure as part of a stage. Hiding amongst the invigorate movement of this circular elements, the piñata consisting of confetti is another plaything that could amazed spectators. This interactive and dynamic part could concluded the whole event and induce people to remember it in a completely different perception.


Location:  Siam Kempinski, Bangkok

Designer / Supervisor: Anuwat Mahasatta

System Designer / Engineer: Lekkla Sripijit

Photographer:  Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa