PHKA was founded by Vissata Duangwongsri and Tul Chompaisal in 2013 to introduce the multi-disciplinary design firm expertising in floral utilisation. Based in Bangkok, we offer botanical design and installation for events and venues. The studio is currently involved in various projects including weddings, corporates events, commercial events, permanent installation, also flower arrangements for hotels, cafés, restaurants and photoshoots.

A background in art and architectural design is one of the fundamental agendas of PHKA. We believe that flower arrangement is a design field, which significantly engages with culture and society. It conveys individual expression to public relations. PHKA aims to deliver integration between installation art (site-specific) and floral design; we ensure absolute excellence in achieving hybrid innovative concept for client’s special occasion.

Tul Chompaisal

Managing Director / Co-founding Principal

Tul is managing director and co-founding principal since PHKA's inception in 2013. He is once registered landscape architect, working for leading landscape design firm in Bangkok, with various international projects. After a year studying Project Management in Construction at The University of Manchester, he got a professional experience working with real estate company, developing and handling of high-end residential projects.  

Project management, event management, and production supervision are among the expertise and scope which Tul takes care of.

Vissata Poy Duangwongsri

Design Director / Co-founding Principal

Poy is design director and co-founding principal at PHKA since 2013. After graduated with an interior architecture degree at Chulalongkorn University, she got a working experience in Singapore as an interior designer for luxury hospitality industry, then moved to London to study in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths. She also got various experiences prior PHKA's inception, consisting working at Zita Elze flowers, Event Flowers training at Judith Blacklock, and conducting an event in London. 

Poy is the head of the design unit, overseeing all of PHKA's design-related matters.


Tanichaya Fang Intarasupa

Studio Administrator / HR Officer

Our HR officer and administrator, Fang, is a centre to everyone in the studio. Running things from load of documents, transactions, bookkeeping, internal and external communication, store management, to wellbeing of every #peopleofPHKA, she is please to deal with different aspects in various projects at the same time. Fang also had an experience in English teaching in institutions after graduated a degree in Arts (English major) from Mae Fah Luang University, which is somehow contribute in coordination and handling different people.


Reuchuwee Rung Naktubtim

Designer / Supervisor

Rung is currently the most experienced designer of the studio, previously worked as architect and exhibition designer after graduating B.Arch from Chiang Mai University. She joined PHKA in 2017, with a plenty and diverse projects done, including fashion event to high-rise office building, Rung is now handling numerous projects, ranging from tiny event to permanent interior installation.


Lekkla Sripijit

System Engineer

Being part of the team for years, Lek is trained as computer engineer and worked as system engineer in a event production company, participating in many TV shows and concerts. Graduated B.Eng from Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, he got multi-purpose skills; including computer engineering, electronic engineering, and M&E engineering. It is obvious that everything that could be plugged in is his responsibilities.


Likhit Jiwvisesna

Production Supervisor

Being a studio member since 2015, Likhit, who has a interest in Asian tradition, culture and folklore, is one of our first and foremost studio member. Start from being a part-time production crew, he completed numerous projects with PHKA during his years. With production experience and high technical understanding, the necessity of his presence is unquestionable. He is a centre to production crew, responsible for the recruitment, training, and task assignment. Likhit is currently studying degree of Arts in Chinese at Ramkamhaeng University.


Anuwat Aob Mahasatta

Designer / Supervisor

Never a day with out a line, Aob is a designer with high passion in illustration, drawing, and floral materials. After finishing his B.Arch (Interior Design) at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, he looked for an opportunity to work in multi-disciplinary field rather than his original practice so he decided to join PHKA in 2016.  designer and supervisor, Aob is just few steps away from unleashing his potential.


Parima Mook Kattinanon

Designer / Supervisor

Mook, a conceptual thinker, joined PHKA back in 2016. Graduated B.Arch (Interior Architecture) at Chulalongkorn University in the same year, she started her first job here. As aforementioned, she enjoys working on projects with deeper concept and meaningful design. Her limitless energy when in charge of being a supervisor, conducting an on-site production, is largely contributed to studio’s recent days.


Siraphatsorn Suprae Chumnongwongse

Designer / Supervisor

Graduated B.Arch (Interior Design) from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Prae is an ex-architect who work in architectural design firm for 2 years before joining PHKA in 2017. She had intense experience in conducting production drawings with understanding of details while also being a solid creative thinker.


Chutima Tangsinchai


Chu is the only florist that graduated B.A. (Home Economics) at Suan Dusit University. She had her long-period internship at PHKA in 2016 and continued to work here immediately after finished the study, being one of our own. Floral horticulture, plant materials handling, floral craft, and floral arrangement are among the knowledge she could well contribute to the team.


Peerapong Game Sawangsri

Graphic Designer / Detail Designer

Latest addition to the growing team, Game is a former product designer who works for design and experience consultancy firm, finished his B.F.A. in Product Design from Rangsit University 2 years ago. He is now in charge of all visual-related matters, also the detail design and execution of any complicated installation.


Noppaluk Earn Mekprasertwanich

Assistant to Directors / Content Designer

Earn finished a degree in Communication Design from Chulalongkorn University and became one of our recent expansion. Holding dual roles, to responsible on client correspondence, and assisting team in project-management-related matters; and to contribute to the team on new idea inputs while also being a creator for content published.


Manasnan Sunpawatr

Designer / supervisor


Charoenkit Chinkrajangkit