The apparent realism of much Dutch art can be deceptive. Many floral still lifes, for instance, show combinations of flowers that do not bloom at the same time of year. …These incredible illusions of space, solidity, texture, and light often assume the role of memento mori ("a memento of mortality”) (National Gallery of Art).

Inspired by German master florist, Björn Kroner, who excelled in creating the surrounding that related to colourful flowers in an approach that assimilating a Dutch masters painting, PHKA took an experiment in bringing the colour scheme client selected (coral orange, soft pink, and foliage green) into a background for flowers. Panelling wall is applied alongside with the wall painting, in order to enhance an interior look, making guests feel homey.

For flower selection, floral designers have been asked to use Zinnia, which is a last name of the bride. The team then selected other flowers which have similar dome shape and ray florets, such as Chrystanthemum and Dahlia, to combined in the event.


Location: Plaza Athenee, Bangkok

Supervisor: Natcha Promphakping

Photographer: Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa