A Harmonising of natural and man-made elements

Originated from Europe in early 20th century, Art Nouveau (a.k.a. Stile Floreale or Floral Style) is a total style that can be found in many forms of art, including architecture and decorative arts. Considered ‘modern’ and represented ‘newness’ at that time, Jugendstil is mainly inspired from natural and organic structure.

Our colour selection are based from opal, a gem popularised by artists and designers in the era, which has the colours of jade, cyan, and prussian blue. Calla Lily and Phalaenopsis are major plant materials for the event as in can be found in Art Nouveau printing, sculpture, decorative arts, etc. Hydrangeas is added as an accent blue to the selection.

Based with rhythmic floral pattern, stage is simply illustrated with symmetric and repetitive graphic. Applying the similar idea, backdrop is an attempt to conform the decorative moulding. Various materials, in hand-cut and lasercut, are assembled together in a plant-derived form. Overlapping leaves are influenced by a new Japanese technique of ceramic art in 1900s.  

Tunnel is composed of bent steel bars, inspired by ‘whiplash’ - dynamic and flowing lines. Hyperbolas and Parabolas frames is used in order to create a 4-dimensional space when walking through, also encouraging a flowing circulation and motional appreciation.

PHKA also completed typographic design in this occasion.


Location: Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok

Supervisor: Wilaiwan Khemkham

Head Florist: Borirak Larjomjai

Photographer: Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa