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By studying the system of Dougong - Chinese’s identical roof brackets found in ancient to imperial architecture, the order could be adapted and positioned in an interlocking and rigid placement with flowers. 

Only oriental plants have been selected to emphasise the localism. Anthurium in red and white, Heliconia and Phalaenopsis are amongst few species selected. Anomalous plants are forbidden.

In areas of the event, Dougong wooden stacks have been explored both as a weight-supported structure and decorative ornaments. Its repetitive pattern intentionally forms a negative space of circle; on the solid plane and in the air. These spaces go in the same design approach of using numerous semicircular pleated fans and round-shape pleated oversized stage.

Our circular invitation design is completed beforehand and is a subtle clue prior the overall design and event itself.


Location:  Shangri-la Hotel, Bangkok

Designer / Supervisor: Reuchuwee Naktubtim  

Photographer: Minami Yuzawa