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Within an umbrella concept of ‘Festivity’ given by the client, PHKA visualised what is an abstract feeling into something concrete. Two floral installations of over 6,000 vivd-colour flowers, conceptualising and representing a very specific moment of confetti shooting and exploding firework, are assembled for the event.

Exhilaration of the festival is not a single dominating piece but a gathering of tiny items, thus creating a memorable atmosphere. A scheme of not doing a typical floral backdrop is chosen, and instead replaced by special method in which flowers are stringed through the cobalt blue tube and hooked on the ceiling, flower-by-flower, running down from a passageway to the backdrop. This first installation aims to created a wow effect when guests walk through the designated space.

Enveloping stage structure in dark blue is designed to fit with another installation. Total of 4,235 flowers are precisely installed on the levitating grids, which are hanged from the overhead plane. These grids are actually arranged in vertical layers, with sheets of rhythmically-programmed LED inserted between, proposing a funky and joyous atmosphere. Additionally, the whole block of installation is also imitated by the cube cake stand which is entirely built of flowers.


Location: Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok

Designer / Supervisor: Anuwat Mahasatta

Photographer:  Pavitra Phornthanavarsit