Relationship of materials

With chaotic interior and vast space to set up the event, an analysis of site has been taken, in order to find a new single perception and spatial relationship. 

PHKA and our clients are influenced by an architectural leitmotif of late-Carlo Scarpa, in which layout of space are connected, relationship between artificial-natural is made, and sensory properties are created. His design is a choreograph of performance through material composition and layout design (Danielle Rago, 2012).

Through tangible form, a new walkway space is crafted to transform a pre-function area. Existing ceiling is covered with a new overhead plane that continuously lowering down from the beginning while vertical planes substantially widened to a backdrop area. A whole single-loaded corridor with the entire glass facade is concealed, trying to block a distracting inside-out view and an over-decorated interior wall. Flowers are inserted into the wall’s void to break the frigidtiy and to lead the visual perception.

Backdrop could be the main piece of the event. A floral line from the preceded walkway is running, in the same level and width, through the backdrop as the top and the bottom halfs are recessed out horizontally, by a challenging wooden structure. Its width and height are on the same proportion with the walkway, making the integrated space while being inside.

For a hexagonal layout of the function area, only one side of the room is focused while the rest is defined to be inactive. A panoramic stage is set up with the overscaled backdrop. Flowers are emerged from the void of recessed stair-like structure, generating a contrast and linkage between manmade-structure and wildlife-form. Cake table also shares the same manner in design technique and proportion, with a sarcastic-design cake made by transparent and opaque acrylic.

We also completed typographic design, invitation design, bouquet, boutonniere, and corsage in this occasion.


Location: Dusit Thani, Bangkok
Photographer: Pavitra Phornthanavarsit