The Reinterpretation of traditional craft

Curiously, Thai flower arrangement is normally seen in an engagement or Thai wedding ceremony only. It is rare to see such a kind of craft in modern-day design and other types of event.

Again at the familiar site, Royal Navy Institute, PHKA comes up this time with a proposal to convinced our client in implementing Thai flower arrangement to the space, which we think it would be a perfect fit with an architectural style. Different techniques of Thai flower arrangement could be executed all over the venue.

Air suspension arrangement is a handicraft which use to decorate building voids or relics, with various shapes of cluster that compose of countless cape jasmine weaved in repetitive trapezoid pattern. These arrangements, in different sizes, are hanged on the backdrop and around the welcome area.

A grand stair, linking between a pre-function and 2nd floor reception area, is decorated with dark green foliage arrangement. Custom-made floor lamps, in the simplified form of a bush-like offering tray (this type of tray represent homage and praying gesture), are positioned along the staircase, as an symbol of gratitude for guests.

Upper floor balcony is placed with the floral arch, with floral strings made from crown flower attached. By using this detailed arch, a perfect frame for a distant background of Grand Palace is created. Also, the arch is a symbol of the future home the bride and groom will start their family in (Kaufman, 2012). 

Uba (floral tassel), another type of Thai floral decorative element, is reinvented in an unusual approach, hanging individually to show its delicacy, and also reduce boldness of a confined stage space.


Location: Royal Thai Naval Institute, Bangkok
Supervisor: Likhit Jiwvisesna
Head Florist: Nopparat Suksakit
Photographer: Pavitra Phornthanavarsit