Submerged in retro colour palettes of drab, yellow, saffron, mauve, and also dull-white; the nostalgic yet modern style is an outlook to the event, happening in the garden amidst of trees at Nai Lert Heritage Home.

Crossing between 60s and 70s, and adapted to simple and subtle contemporary style; basic materials were used in creating basic geometric form of planters and structure. These objects went through immersion, in acid-edged colours in matching with variety of flowers.

Black steel frame, to be in harmony with the shell of Glasshouse, was installed with a set of plain pendant shades; leaving it as a black and white structure that colourful flowers will be pasted upon. Functionalist set of trays, which colours are matched with items it contains, for example; saffron for desserts and drab for banana-sugar cane.

Designer / Supervisor: Anuwat Mahasatta
Photographer: Teerachai Sanjaisri

Squad of oversized planters were deployed side by side as a set for sequences in Marquee. In the same manner, these containers are on the same strip of pantone with flowers. This relationship between ‘flower’ and its related-painted ‘vase’ was investigated to build a connection and aimed to create a swing of anachronism.