Behind a simplicity of window frame shaded by the rain and mist create a translucent effect with a simple organic colour scheme of white, green and light blue. This atmospheric narrate is an initiation to the project.

An experiment with different mediums is an approach that PHKA apply in every parts of the event, in order to create a single identity. For welcome backdrop, vertical planks  of clear polycarbonate are clung in different elevations, with flower inserted behind. An unconventional perception of clear and opaque flowers, such as Delphinium, Allium, Hydrangea, could be appreciated.

In dealing a compact transition space between pre-function and reception area, flanked walls installed with flowers inside are assembled. Resemble to a cabinet with cloudy doors, an interior behind sprayed polycarbonate panels has been lit to made the space glow and perhaps feel widen, without an unnecessary constructed ceiling.

Different material is selected for stage backdrop, a sheer fabric. It was stretched vertically but not in the same manner with the previous backdrop. In an uprighted position with the wall, sheer panels are intervened with flowers, all-arranging in diagonal direction.

PHKA also completed typographic design, bouquet, and other small items in this occasion.


Location: The Okura Prestige, Bamgkok

Supervisor: Wilaiwan Khemkham

Head Florist: Nopparat Suksakit

Photographer: Pavitra Phornthanavarsit