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A floral installation that visualised the relationship of music and flower. While flower are something visual and music is non-visual, both can convey emotions from people to people or people to public. Here, we aim to create an experimental installation that may establish the relationship between across fields to visualise what is an abstract matter. Music and flower arrangement, what could possibly happened?

The installation

4 metres diameter of ring, with revolving conveyor, and flowers hanged in layers, is installed from overhead structure. Flowers are horizontal-positioned based on timing of notes played by each instrument in the song. Four layers of 5 instruments, consist of Trumpet, Piccolo, Horn, and Saxophone-Clarinet were selected. The vertical-positions are implemented based on notes played. Audience can experience the installation either from outside or inside the ring. The indicator would help in pointing out if the audience would like to follow the exact timing of the song. The whole installation is capable to assemble, disassemble, relocate, and adjust to another song.

Blooming Tune drawing-04.jpg
Blooming Tune drawing-03.jpg

The song and the method

Upon selection of the song, a direction of choosing what would be common sense to the general public is agreed amongst team of designers. Three songs which are composed H.M. the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej are included in the limited surveys to exemplify which colours people would felt while listen to specific song. The summarised data is represented in the quantitative chart (people per colours), which types of flower would be selected later based on the seasonal availability and geographic location of the installation (that could be moved).

The song H.M. Blues is the song that has the clear majority in colours and may well communicate relationship between matters mentioned before.

University of North Texas Symphony Orchestra version, arranged by Wijit Jitrangsan, is the most applicable version for the criteria. With numbers of musical instruments played and accessible music score (History of H.M. the King Rama IX Music Library Hall, National Library of Thailand), an interpretation could be done conveniently.

Blooming Tune drawing-05.jpg

Office of His Majesty Principal Private Secretary
Wijit Jitrangsan
University of North Texas Symphony Orchestra
Sarun Latpittaya (Structure)

Tul Chompaisal, Vissata Duangwongsri,
Reuchuwee Naktubtim, Parima Kattinanon,
Pradubwong Hongvisedchai, Siraphatsorn Chumnongwongse,
Thanat Laoharawee (Music),
Lekkla Sripijit (Engineering), Nirun Yukhong (Engineering)

Communication Designers
Nichada Duangwongsri, Sarawut Jungjinakul,
Noppaluk Mekprasertwanich

Nichada Duangwongsri, Sarawut Jungjinakul,
Noppaluk Mekprasertwanich