When people think about Oncidium orchids, sprays of little yellow dancing ladies come to their minds. These flowers have out-of-proportionally big lips that look like the skirt of evening gowns. When hundreds of them are on a single spike, it’s like the celebration of a festival (Everything Orchids).

With clients’ requirements that prefered the ceremony to have lush and refreshing feeling, PHKA’s floral designers then selected lotus leaf, which is uncommon to use in such an event, and cobalt yellow Oncidium to compose together. The drizzle is arranged on an ordinary but detailed structure.

By its function of Thai engagement ceremony, we used the Thai floral craft technique of stringing that also preserve fresh flowers but somehow adapted the western style by assembling it in to a chandelier-like structure.

Within vivid architectural elements of The House on Sathorn, most flowers have been selected in order to have a harmonious tone with the context. 

PHKA and 1000 MALAI also completed every single floral crafts in this occasion; gift trays, floral barrings, garlands, bouquet, altar decoration, etc. 


Location: The House on Sathorn, Bangkok

Supervisor: Sunisa Suksuwanon

Head Florist: Nopparat Suksakit

Photographer: Thanat Laoharawee