An incompatible mixture of concepts; including Avant-garde art, fashion show, and Noh; is an inception for this project. A super slow but subtle movement is captured and presented in what would be an astonishing way.

In the beginning, unorthodox curvy lines inspired from Daniel Widrig’s work are tested with Anthurium and hydrangea, which enhanced kinetic perception. Decentralisation of floral elements also encourage what happened in the middle, according to the function. The second piece is a symmetrical composition of contours that look like a butterfly. Only Anthurium is installed on this vertical plane, like small livings hovering over a midnight hill. 

Finally, the stage which is an oversized replication of butterfly wings with over 1,230 artificial butterflies flocking around the centre. In a juxtaposition with this gigantic piece is the cake that composed of butterflies in the midst of hydrangea.


Location: The Athenee Hotel, Bangkok

Designer / Supervisor: Reuchuwee Naktubtim

Graphic support: Sarawut Jungjinakul

Photographer: Sarawut Jungjinakul