Spatial arrangements : symmetry and proportion

For the first time we preparing an installation for a church wedding, PHKA try to capture the meaning of flowers in one of the most important moment of life - wedding mass. Lily is the prominent flower that comes first to our mind. With its symbolism as a virtue, chastity, sympathy, and also a representation of Holy Mary. Thus, we aimed to use them as a leading material in this installation.

The couple, again, K’Parin and K’Winn, entrusted us to work in the approached we were inspired, In this criteria-free circumstance, we tried to capture characters of them; gentle, humble, and aesthete.

Santa Cruz Church, a combination of Neo-classical and Renaissance architectural style, sits on the riverbank of Chaophraya. The interior decoration is alighted with maroon, vanilla and gold colour, in which white lily will be perfectly fit and stand out.

As usual, elements of architecture are selected and simplified in PHKA’s work. In example, form of inflorescence ornament above the window has been used in seating of bride and groom. Also, our gold multi-layer semicircular arch is mimicked from the church opening detail.


Location : Santa Cruz Church, Bangkok
Project coordinator : Koonpol Podhisita
Photographer : Napa Pattrayanond