A place where rivers flow together


The couple, K’Toeyngam and K’William, is our longlasting friend. Understanding their style and taste, entrusting us to handle the whole creation, the approach for this project is something like no one else.
With their love for the water, chose to have wedding ceremony and reception at Royal Thai Naval Institute, a stunning ancient building on the riverbank.
With a unique colonnade space, PHKA chose to set the planning of all tables as a single long-continuous table, with few scattered sets on the outdoor lawn. Only one centrepiece will be designed to dominate the space and weave with the architectural decorative elements.

Then, a concept of ‘The Confluence’ has been proposed, to represent the couple as two rivers, which meet and join as one, K’Toeyngam (Bangkok-Chaophraya) and K’William (London-Thames). Two curvilinear and twisted lines of plants (such as white rose, Eucalyptus, silver-dipped Lady Fern, Blue Thistle, Blue Privet Berry) and mirrors are installed under the white metal structure above the table in order to meet the criteria set before.

For backdrop area, we got a request not to use any flowers but palm leaves only. So we created white-dipped leaves, attached on the white plain background, with only minimal graphic work (date only).
PHKA also prepared flower arrangements for other Thai ceremony, other table decorations, bouquet, boutonnieres and all graphic/signage works.

We, again, would like to thank our lovely couple, who gave us reliance to create the work as we would like to, only for them.

Location : Royal Thai Naval Institute, Bangkok
Photographer : Adisorn Photography / Sirintip Phungchittisarn / Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa