The futuristic wintertime

In Alpine folklore, many stories of tragic love that go hand in hand with the dangers of climbing the Alps, in order to fetch that pure symbol of pure love and worthiness - the Edelweiss, Anonymous

The story of the mountain flower, and the memorable moment of the couple (K’Note-K’Andy) are an influence for concept of this event.

Arriving at the reception, invitees are greeted with a gallery area, showing couple's oversized photos, decorating with transparent flower plinths.

Tons of white fabric, sheer and opaque, are patterned and hanged from the ceiling of a welcome tunnel, creating an enclosed atmosphere. Fluorescents are aligned below under the fabric to illuminated this space in an extraordinary way.

On the same axis with gallery and tunnel, stood the backdrop filled with frosty Eucalyptus leaves, erecting in a book-like angle. White steel frame with a bit curvy line is attached at the front, be creeped by flowers and branches in copper colour.

Once again in the reception room, cake stage has been designed to perfectly align in the axis with a main stage. A rectangular shape pavilion is constructed in order to cover the cake stage, with flowers crawling on it. In constrast to this structure, the main stage is somehow very minimal in design. Having only plain white background, attached with copper frame (in the same fashion with the backdrop), it is only beautified with Magnolias and fluorescents.

One of gimmicks amongst small items we did for this event (i.e. boutonniere, blessing box, etc.) is a bridal bouquet, PHKA specifically picks Edelweiss to put in the bouquet only, being a story-telling component according to above-mentioned.

PHKA also takes part in the Typographic Design for the event as well.


Location : Siam Kempinski, Bangkok
Supervisor : Thawatchai Chukaew (PHKA)
Head Florist : Nopparat Suksakit
Photographer : Vitcha Mongkolsri