Between the two contrary sides

Using the sea as a concept, an effort is taken in simplifying the venue design, to be in a more slick look rather than direct and orthodox interpretation of the sea. By adopting a slight influence of Postmodernism in art and architecture, we try to combine these two contrast themes in the way people can still be perceived. 

PHKA experiments a new sequence in entering by obstructing the visual approach with twin panels. A wave-form of flower is generated by an arrangement on stair structure, leading to a backdrop. In white and lilac, flower is exhibited on backdrop in a curved-shape, in the same manner with floral mass in the tunnel.

Tone is more darker for the function area - stage and cake stage, in order in emphasise the illumination of crystal and other glitter ornaments. Elements of sea urchin-like in various scales are positioned on the curvilinear stage.

“The curves are not decorative, they are structural, I have not gone Postmodern” (Frank Gehry)


Location : Plaza Athenee, Bangkok
Head Florist : Nopparat Suksakit
Photographer : Pavitra Phornthanavarsit