For this wedding, a theme of ‘Mad Hatter’s Party’ has been created by K’Katib (Graphic Designer – Bride) and K’K (Architect – Groom). An afternoon tea has been planned, using The Never Ending Summer restaurant as a venue.

PHKA takes part in conceptual design, space planning and decoration of the venue, trying to harmonize between the funky theme and the atmosphere of the place (which is raw, solemn, and masculine). Flower colors of white, light purple and old rose has been chose, not to make the feeling so faminine or so strong. Wooden frames and doors in the backdrop area generate a space for guests to take a part in and have some fun.

We also chose an approach to drive out the uniqueness and beautifulness of the interior. Placing plinths and high vases can lead an eye to the sophisticated wooden roof structure. Stacked grey wooden boxes have casually replaced dining tables, which are lined as buffet tables instead. Single stem white chrysanthemums in various-shaped clear bottles also have been arranged randomly on top of those tables.

Lastly, PHKA designs a ribbon signage to specialize and bring in the softness to the wedding of our lovely creative couple. We also would like to thanks for an opportunity to work this together and for being inspiration for each other.


Location : The Never Ending Summer, Jam Factory, Bangkok
Photographer : Napa Pattrayanond