Infuenced by combination of symmetrical Art Deco architecture and Chanel’s SS15 Haute Couture at Grand Palais. A ‘spring’ paradise of tropical paper leaves in faded tone combined with full-bloom colourful owers. The reception is divided into 2 parts; Bangkok and Surat Thani. Light tones of colours, mainly laurel green, are applied on detailed structures of Bangkok event. Also with a fabric wall covering to transform the space,

paper leaves are installed all over the place. Series of arches in darker tones, especially shades of purple, are designed for another event at Surat Thani. Uplifted arches and independent suspension are found on the stage backdrop, a less-detail but grandiose in scale structure captivated the eyes by an unusual levitation. Walkway is decorated with huge paper leaves. 


Location:  Shangri la Hotel Bangkok

Designer / Supervisor: Reuchuwee Naktabtim  

Photographer: Sarawut Jungjinakool