Bangkok-based PHKA Studio was asked to create the set design and floral installation for private event, in a recently-opened Park Hyatt Bangkok. With the aim not only to design something that could fit well with the interior style of the venue , but also have to standout in term of livelineness .

As a decorative twisted fin and curved panel are some main elements for the interior , the set was designed to have a connected key element. Some proportion is captured but the fin was unfolded in to planar form. A distortion from solid plane in to a wireframe is required in oder to integrate well with plant materials.

Flowers, branches and foliages are interested in to the installation according  to functions; over the head  for the photo opportunity backdrop, and on the ground  for the stage. 

Oncidium, Phalaenosis , and  Gardenia leaf are only local materials that were selected to present sense of time (seasonal bloom) and sense of place.


Location:  Park Hyatt Bangkok.

Designer / Supervisor:  Pradubwong  Hongvisedchai

Photographer: Sarawut Jungjinakool