The Impasto

DSC03392 copy.jpg

Emphasising on the movement, strokes, and colours; a combination of Impressionist characters is influence on creating this set of backdrops. The whirled plane of the backdrop are designed to create movement which are painted in different colors (plain and painterly).An addition of mirror surface is to enhance the reflective image of any elements above it, consisting of flowers and paintings. Thick and loose brush strokes, an impasto, is the technique found in many eras from Renaissance to Baroque, but most-popularised during the Impressionism period.

The texture and shape of brush are to convey feeling of sensuous reality beyond the 2 dimensional plane. The idea was applied by a different medium, flowers on painted-flowers, linking the representative image to the true material. Colours and flowers palette aimed to integrate with the scheme of scene behind, including yellow (Daffodil and Calla lily), baby blue (Delphinium and Hydrangea), light purple (Delphinium and stock), peach (rose and Anthurium), and pink (lily).


Location: Park Hyatt Bangkok
Designer / Supervisor: Siraphatsorn Chumnongwongse
Artists: RU Art Clan
Photographer: Thanat Laoharawee