December is the best time to host an outdoor event, also for this wedding ceremony and reception, which everything is in serene atmosphere and a soft breeze can still be felt.

An initial inspiration came from lush context of the site, Garden Villa, that surrounded with trees and cosy architectures. PHKA then came up with the idea of creating something humble and harmonious with the site, with a slight trace of Ricardo Bofill’s architectural style. 

A wooden terrace, space for ceremony, stood the backdrop which resembles the small pavillion under the gigantic tree. Fins, arches, and canopy are painted in white with white fabric hung above and beneath as a screen. Most sequences are held under the shade, including proposal, engagement, and water pouring. We also decorate this area at terrace entrance and aisle.

Guests are then moved to the lawn after the ceremony finish. A transition installation is placed at register area as a gate before entering the reception, with number of mirror plinths in various heights and white arches in the same proportion with the backdrop, added with flowers in order to create an elevating and deceptive effect. We also decorated the dining area with centrepieces, top table backdrop and decoration, and tent decoration.


Location : Garden Villa, The Sukhothai, Bangkok
Photographer : Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa