An industrial cafe scene

Transforming the conventional space of Grand Hyatt Erawan, one of Bangkok’s historic hotel, the plan for the event is plotted in the theme that mixes between industrial look and cafe atmosphere. 

Connected to the hotel lobby, parallel bookshelves with an overhead installation of metal grids are serve as welcoming space, giving a simplified scene of cafe. Entire interior is painted in light grey, with books in gradient from white to copper. 

Wide backdrop is covered in 0.20 x 0.20 metres white tiles, front-attaching with grids in the same detail as tunnel. Golden leaves are weaved throughout the whole decoration.

Corrugated metal sheets, dipped in prussian blue are erected as a gigantic backdrop for stage. Having the middle plane set back, sets of lighting fixture are suspended from hidden beam above. These lamps are made of interlocked copper-coloured pipe, with bulbs infiltrated inside. 

This eccentric but fully-embellished wedding reception, with minimum amount of flower, is commissioned to PHKA by a couple, K’Pear and K’Non, who share interests in cafes and books. Both of them also works in a field of engineering.

PHKA works based on an approach that initiated from Constructivism, an abstracted movement that implement industrial materials to construct a nonrepresentational objects.

PHKA also completed typographic design, bouquet, boutonniere, gallery, and guest’s corner in this occasion.


Location : Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok
Photographer : Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa