深蓝色 Blue - 白色 White
Thai and Chinese-esque synthesisation

Cultural-influence of Chinese’s blue and white porcelain is key of the installation for our Thai engagement and ceremony. PHKA would like to capture a characteristic of the ceramic ware and translating it into a single identity that will use throughout the work.

White interior space of gallery is a perfect site for the event. The procession takes place from the gallery’s gate and through the lush lawn, before entering the hall that used for a water pouring ceremony. With an only glass door connecting outside and inside (visually and physically), only a natural light is powerful enough to illuminated the inner space. 

An overscaled vertical plain of hand-painted cobalt blue and white is crafted in-house. Attaching with flowers along the borderline, the backdrop is designated to be a most dominating element in the event. Blue strip of carpet is laid to connect guest’s seating area and ceremonial area together, with a set of our custom-made furniture in place.

Betel and areca sets are arranged in transparent acrylic trays, with gardenia as a dominating plant material. The overall look is in plain white with hint of navy.

PHKA also designs an typography, invitation, graphic works, a souvenir packaging, and some attires for the event.


Location : Ardel Gallery of Modern Art
Photographer : Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa / Brilliantday Photograph