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A distinctive space of Event Space, Central World 18th floor, is a kind of site we could unleashed the potential. Formerly occupied by Shintori, a Japanese restaurant designed by DBALP, the venue is in a very good shape, keeping the style of clean black interior without unnecessary decoration. Square foyer, small transition area, and main room were planned wisely by the architect at that time to integrate Zen concept with a hospitality function.

Square shallow bowl with a water-dripping feature, situated in the middle of the foyer, is installed with a pair of golden frames and magnolia branches, with an aim to introduce new entering perception. Suspended metallic leaves can be seen at the approach of the transition area, and act as a leading element through the passage, with a seating plan and register area below.

The main room installation is all about playing with black interior (floor, wall, ceiling, most interior decoration and loose furnitures) by setting up a truss structure in black, and hanged with thousands of black ribbons with a gold-sprayed tip.  We are trying to create an impact conceptual plane shaped like flying sheet of fabric. This is done by a 3D modelling, hand-cut and painted strip by strip, which undertook by team of professionals.

Functionally, ribbons are designed relating with the people beneath and transforming a perception to the space, i.e. high at dining or circulation area and low at unaccessible area. Instead of ribbons, flowers are suspended from above in the same manner only in front of top table and over a dance floor to highlight the area. Wisteria is the only dominating flower since they have a form that could create a enclosed feeling.

Colourful flowers are selected to touch up in parts of the event, such as top table backdrop, register area, dining table centrepiece (vase), and hanging centrepiece.

Typographic design, all invitation and signage design, bouquet, boutonniere, all table settings, are also completed by PHKA in this occasion.


Location : Event Space at Central World, Bangkok
Photographer : Pattaradhorn Rujeraprapa / Sixtysix Visual
3D modelling and calculation : Marisa Charusilawong, FabSmith